Commercial and Photo shoots

The Watsco Center, along with the Fieldhouse, serve as unique and versatile settings for various formats of both commercial and photo shoots.

The exterior of the venue offers a beautiful setting featuring “The City Beautiful” itself, Coral Gables. From the palm trees, green grass circle, spacious parking lots, and tall exterior staircases, there are a variety of options to feature both the lush and architecture of the city. The interior of the Watsco Center offers the ability to film shots from the concourse, shoot crowd shots from the venue Bowl, and use our premium level suites for a more executive feel.

The Fieldhouse offers 8,000 square feet of empty shell space that can be set up and used in a variety of ways for both filming and photo shoots.

Download our Info Packet (PDF) for more pictures and capacity info

For more information on booking the Watsco Center or Fieldhouse for a commercial or photo shoot, please contact our Director of Operations here or call 305-284-8245